here, you will find nearly all information on the web about myself


i'm razorlovesbaba and this is the razorlovessite (which human beings may call "razorlovesbaba's website")

cat mashing keyboard rapidly

above is me writing this document and many others.

upon heavy request: nickname lore

past nickname was "xRazorF" which i literally stole from a dude i saw on minecraft. after a while it sounded a bit stupid after using it for years. this was around the time i was into a game called "baba is you", changed my nickname to "razorlovesbaba". might change it to "razorlovesbees" soon, since that's what i'm more into lately /hj

online presence


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YouTube razorlovesbaba
GitHub razorloveskeke
Reddit razorlovesbaba


where how
Discord razorlovesbaba#9892
Matrix @razorlovesbaba:matrix.org
XMPP razorlovesbaba@sure.im
IRC razorlovesbaba on apionet
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